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How to Take Care of a Stitch After Giving Birth to Get Well Quickly

Normal childbirth can cause the perineum (the area between the vagina and anus) to tear, so it needs stitching. So that the seam after delivery quickly heals, the following ways you can do it. The recovery process after giving birth can cause discomfort. Swelling and bruising of the bladder, vagina and perineal sutures can make the area painful. But these things should not be a reason for Mother to not take care of the stitches after giving birth huh. Tips for Accelerating Stitching Healing After Childbirth To speed up the healing process of stitches after giving birth, as well as relieve discomfort and avoid complications, you can try the following ways: 1. Cold compress the wound wound area Make a cold compress made of ice cubes wrapped in cloth, and apply the compress to the seam area for about 10 minutes. Do it several times a day. Cold temperatures from this compress can help relieve swelling and pain in the area around the stitches. But remember, give a break about 1 hou
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Nutrition and Health Benefits of Peas

The health benefits of peas need not be doubted. These foods contain many nutrients that are important for the body, and are able to prevent heart disease and cancer. Peas, called Latin Pisum sativum, are often served as supplementary ingredients for various dishes, such as soup or fried rice. In addition, peas can also be processed into healthy and delicious snacks. Nutrient Content in Peas In 100 grams of peas, there are about 85 calories and a variety of nutrients needed by the body, such as: Protein. Carbohydrate. Fiber Vitamin A, vitamin K, vitamin C and vitamin B (including thiamine and folate). Minerals, such as calcium, manganese, potassium, iron, phosphorus, and zinc. In addition to these nutrients, peas are also rich in antioxidants polyphenols, which are natural chemical compounds found in plants. This substance can help prevent certain diseases, such as degenerative diseases and heart disease, and maintain weight. Benefits of Peas for the Body Here are a vari

Let's Save Money Pregnant, These 9 Baby Supplies Don't Need To Be Purchased

One of the activities favored by pregnant women is shopping for baby gear. However, don't darken my eyes, Bumil. Better check Bumil's shopping list again, because not all items are really needed by Little. Some equipment can actually be delayed, replaced with items that are already available, or even absolutely unnecessary. For example, sleep equipment in a crib or baby walker can actually pose health risks for your child. Equipment that can be removed from a shopping list Pregnant woman, let's take the long list of baby gear and start checking again. The items below can be postponed or don't even need to be purchased, especially if Bumil's budget is limited: Baby crib bedding and pillows Choosing baby crib bedding with a variety of motives is indeed fun. But, actually these objects are not really needed you know. Even according to pediatricians, baby pillows and blankets can actually increase the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). Nursing pillow